Week #6 Appetizer: Real Women of Philadelphia – Hey yall! Well, here we are! Round Two of Appetizers starts right now, girls, and Im excited to see what you ladies come up with! Now, I can hear what youre thinkin Appetizers, Paula? Im happy if I get dinner on the table! And I hear you, gals. I do. But sometimes, whether its a casual luncheon or an afternoon party, sometimes we like to enjoy some finger foods, and Im not talkin about something fancy shmancy! These She-Devil Eggs I made are just as easy as anything, and yet they really deliver a wow factor to guests and hosts alike! I know were all used to making our deviled eggs with pure mayo, but girls, try them with the addition of super-creamy Philly Cream Cheese, and you enter a new plane of soft, dreamy creaminess! Im never going back!

Now, I know by now you ladies are absolute pros YOU could probably recite the rules and guidelines at this point, right? But for our newcomers, lets go over whats at stake here at Real Women of Philadelphia. We’re asking you to think of your favorite Appetizer recipes this week make sure they include delicious Philly cream cheese – make a 10 minutes or less video of you preparing your dish, submit it to the site, and youre on your way to becoming a Real Woman of Philadelphia! Well choose 16 of you gals to fly to Savannah, and will eventually crown 4 lucky ladies who receive a talent contract worth $25,000 each, the chance to contribute to a cookbook, a NYC publicity tour, and will be the stars of their own online cooking videos!

I hope my little video makin She-Devil Eggs inspired you gals to make something easy and delicious for us this week. You know, the best dishes are usually the simplest, so dont feel like you need to add a million ingredients to something just to catch my eye. Plus, its YOU ladies who catch my eye, anyway, so make sure that with every video you make and every dish you prepare, you sprinkle in a TON of personality!

Now, get cookin those scrumptious Appetizers, girls!

Love and Best Dishes!