Week #5 Side Dish: Real Women of Philadelphia – Hey yall! I just cant believe we’ve completed an entire cycle of Side Dishes, Appetizers, Entrees and Desserts! The time just flew over here! So we’re back to Side Dishes, and I’ve made these creamy, dreamy, Philly-full Squash Ribbons for you girls to hopefully be inspired by. I hope you see that with a little Philly, the right techniques, and yummy ingredients, we can all be the superstars of our own kitchens! 

So, girls. Let’s talk about what’s at stake here. We’re asking you to think of your favorite Side Dish recipe that includes delicious Philly cream cheese, make a  10 minutes or less video of you preparing your dish, submit it to the site, and youre on your way to becoming a Real Woman of Philadelphia! Well choose 16 of you gals to fly to Savannah, and will eventually crown 4 lucky ladies who receive a talent contract worth $25,000 each, the chance to contribute to a cookbook, a NYC publicity tour, and will be the stars of their own online cooking videos!

Ladies, it is my absolute honor and thrill to be able to share this experience with all of you. I have loved being your cheerleader these last four weeks, and I hope you die-hard Real Women fans stick with us until the end, and I hope we’ll see a fresh batch of Philly-loving home cooks as well! Remember, tell your mothers, your girlfriends, your sisters and daughters – anyone could be our Real Women of Philadelphia! 

Love and Best Dishes!