Week #5 Finalists: Real Women of Philadelphia

Hey Girls!

I’m jumpin’ out of my skin to announce the winners of Side Dish Week Two, y’all!

Drum roll, please!

We’re thrilled to welcome the adorable Mandy H. and the delightful Ann Miller-Tobin as finalists for the Real Women of Philadelphia! Mandy made a really yummy looking Asparagus and Parmesan Cream Pastry that just made my mouth water, and Ann really wowed me with her Roasted Tomato & Pepper Soup with Pesto Cream Cheeese Schmutz! Whew, that’s a mouthful! And I can’t wait to TASTE a mouthful of it in Savannah!

Girls, I just couldn’t be prouder of you. Ann made a total of 10 videos for this competition – she kept plugging and I just love that. And Mandy made us 7 scrumptious recipes, so I hope this shows you gals not to get discouraged! We have Entrees and Desserts still to choose, in addition to choosing our Voice of Real Women of Philadelphia, so that’s five more gals who will be comin’ to Savannah to hang with me, and I really, really hope it’s you!

Again, I just adore it when you gals show all your love and support to the finalists. I know they are so heart-warmed by it, and I just sit here like the proud Momma, smiling at all my sweet ladies. We’ve got quite a family here, girls!

Congratulations again to Mandy and Ann – I just can’t wait to see you girls in Savannah and give each of you a giant hug!

And to the rest of my Real Women, I’m just lovin’ your Entrees, and I want you to keep ‘em coming! Get cookin’!

Love and Best Dishes!