Week #4 Dessert: Real Women of Philadelphia – Oh, girls – it’s dessert week! I think you gals know how I feel about my sweets, so this week might be the most exciting week for me so far! For as long as I can remember, I’ve just loved using cream cheese in a variety of my desserts – i hope y’all know it’s not JUST for cheesecake anymore! I make a variation on a cheesecake here in this video with my friends Barb and Jen who run a darling site called, and we whipped up some yummy cupcakes to inspire you girls to make YOUR favorite Philly Cream Cheesy dessert! 

In my wildest imagination, I would have never predicted how many ladies out there would become so passionate and excited about our little Real Women of Philadelphia competition. I think the best part for me is seeing how making your videos is bringing you closer with your families. I love hearing about husbands being cameramen and daughters being editors. You know how much I love family and spending time with my children and its amazing to see that becoming such a big part of the community. And, what better thing to cook up for your family than a delicious dessert!

So, let’s do this, gals! By now, you know the drill, right? You gotta start sending me your Dessert Videos today at 12pm, PST and get ‘em all in by this Sunday, April 25th, 6pm PST. And please, please, please, gals, follow those submission guidelines. I can’t tell you how it kills me to fall in love with one of your videos and then realize the recipe takes too long or there’s music playing or someone else is featured in the video. Don’t be disqualified for something like this, girls! Just be absolutely sure you go to the How To Submit page and follow those guidelines to the letter!

Well, girls. I think it’s time to get cookin’, don’t you? Show me somethin’ sweet!

Love and Best Dishes!