Week #2 Finalists: Real Women of Philadelphia

Hey, y’all! It’s that time, girls! April Slayden and Annette Gladys have been selected as the finalists for the Appetizer Challenge for Real Women of Philadelphia! These lucky ladies will be flown to Savannah to compete amongst 16 finalists in a live cook-off! We are so tremendously proud to count these incredible home cooks among our finalists, and I hope you ladies are as proud to be chosen as we are to have chosen you!

And please remember, ladies. We still have four more weeks left, so keep submitting your videos each week – we’re back to Side Dishes next week, and who knows, even if you’ve submitted before, it’s absolutely possible you could be the lucky gal chosen as a finalist with each new video you submit! A lot of you ladies have multiple submissions each week, and we adore that! For me, I feel like I’ve made so many friends through this competition and for some of you, I feel myself hoping and wishing that you’ll submit for each new week so that I can see your sweet faces again and again. This is truly one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, and I thank you ladies for taking this journey with me.

So congratulations again to April Slayden and Annette Gladys for being chosen as Real Women of Philadelphia finalists – you girls deserve it! And for the rest of my future finalists, whoever you are, keep on submitting. Start now, girls!

Love and Best Dishes!