Aarti Paarti Ep. 29: Pea-lafels!

Regular falafels, made of either chickpeas or broad/fava beans can sometimes be a little dry for me, not to mention calorie-laden since they’re deep fried most of the time. That’s why I experimented with a light-as-air mixture of peas and edamame, threw in some classic Indian spices, and shallow-fried them. Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside with a refreshing balance of mint and fenugreek… plus, whenever I make ‘em, a gorgeous bellydancer appears in my kitchen!

Host & editor: Aarti Sequeira
Director, cameraman, husband extraordinaire: Brendan McNamara
Bellydancer: Jenna (www.beyondbellydance.com)

Full recipe is at www.aartipaarti.com





Aarti Sequeira recipe